VU Meter - Circular - C360VUS

  • C360VUS
  • 5-6 Weeks
  • £7.38

  • £8.86

Professional appearance with 36mm circular panel viewing area. 

A rugged and reliable Vu indicator meter suitable for a wide range of audio applications  (including sound mixing desks, compressors, amplifiers, tuners and recording devices etc) used to display signal level in Volume Units when connected to suitable drive circuitry. The meter is mounted from behind the panel with a neat circular window viewable giving a professional appearance.

• Professional appearance 

• Buff scale with red and black graduations

• Very compact, ideal for rack mounting – fits 1U rack height

• Secured behind panel 

• Full scale deflection 200µA, 600W nominal (0dB = 130µA)          

• Low cost solution 

Download The Datasheet