Analogue Panel Meter - K110

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Economically priced 240-degree long scale moving coil meters with clear acrylic front windows which can be customized to meet your exact needs in the quantity you require.

Economically priced long scale meters providing wide angled, shadow-free viewing and high resolution which can be customised to meet your exact needs in the quantity you require.

The  K110 is a high-performance meter in an industry standard case (ANSI and JIS), popular for switchboard applications and has illumination as standard. The meters have clear acrylic front windows, are housed in black moulded cases and are secured with four mounting studs and supplied with moving coil movements.

These have a virtually linear scale shape and are used for measuring DC or AC (rectified) currents and potentials. The centre core movements are self-shielding and have pivot suspension with sprung jewel bearings for vibration and shock resistance.

• Accuracy class:  1.5 basic but depends on customisation

• Deflection Angle:  240°

• Movement:  Pivot and jewel

• Operating temperature:  -10 to +50ºC basic but depends on customisation

• Standard pointer:  Black Lance

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