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Optical Tachometer

Optical Tachometer 6~99999.9 rpm range with 7 units of measurement and 8 memory locations. LCD 6 digit Hand-held

High performance tachometer. Measured value can be converted instantly to different units of measurements (RPM, RPS, m/min, cm/s, inch/s, ft/min and yd/min). Optional contact adaptor and remote sensors available



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Optical Tachometer Spares-Remote Sensor Adaptor

Enables measurement in hard to reach areas. 21mm diameter sensor with 80cm extension cable



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Optical Tachometer Spares-In Contact Adaptor with rubber tip and surface speed wheel

Using this clip-on adaptor permits in contact measurement with either the rubber cone tips or surface speed rubber wheel provided



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Optical Tachometer Spares-Replacement RubberCones and Wheel

A replacement surface speed wheel and 3 rubber cones for use with the TM5013 Tachometer In Contactor Adaptor



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