Edgewise Meter

Edgewise meters with clear acrylic front and optional black bezel which can be customized to meet your exact needs.



Product code: KE2

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  • Attractive design
  • Black masking bezel
  • "Stackable" (KW40)
  • Tamper free rear zero adjuster
  • Readily customised to your requirements
These edgewise meters are ideal when panel space is limited, especially with the smaller KW40 which has a compact "stackable" design without a protruding movement housing. These meters can be calibrated and scaled for either horizontal or verticall mounting.
The smaller, completely flat KW40 is housed in a grey ABS and aluminium case with acrylic front window. The larger KE2 has a clear acrylic case with protruding movement housing and acrylic front window. Both models are supplied with black ABS bezels to offer an attractive mounting option which masks the panel cut out
For direct measurement of DC and AC (rectified) voltages and currents with full scale deflections within the ranges given in the table below. Meters can also be produced for use with the Anders’ range of transducers, shunts and current transformers.
The meters are supplied with moving coil movements. These have a virtually linear scale shape and are used for measuring DC or AC (rectified) currents and potentials. The KW40 has a taut band movement while the KE2 uses a conventional centre core with pivot suspension and sprung jewel bearings
Download The Datasheet - Click the link below  

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