Din Short Scale Meter

Square cased quadrant meters produced to comply with the European DIN standard, customised to your requirements



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  • European DIN standard
  • Meters readily customised to your requirements
  • Quick delivery
  • Simplified pricing

This series of square cased quadrant meters is produced to comply with the European DIN 43700 standard.

The 48, 72 and 96 mm meters are housed in thermoplastic, flame retardent cases while the 144 mm meters have a steel case. The glass windows are fitted behind black moulded bezels (grey can be supplied as an option). Protective terminal covers are available on request. 

For direct measurement of AC and DC voltages and currents with full scale deflections within the ranges given in the pricing table below. Meters can also be produced for use with our range of transducers, shunts and current transformers. 

The meters can be supplied with either moving coil or moving iron movements. 

The moving coil movements have a virtually linear scale shape and are used for measuring DC or AC (rectified) currents and potentials. The centre core movements are self shielding and have pivot suspension with sprung jewel bearings for vibration and shock resistance. 

The moving iron movements are mainly used for AC measurement. Moving iron meters indicate rms values practically independent of wave form or high harmonics. The consumption of moving iron movements is around 0.5VA for ammeters and up to around 3VA for voltmeters. The scale shape is non linear.

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